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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Welcome to “Treasured Memories Stitched In Love." I have always been what you could call a history buff. I have especially had a very keen interest in the period between the Middle Ages and the Civil War era. I have often wondered where and how my family fit in during the 600 + years in between.

I have only been researching my family roots for the past 15 years, which is not a very long time in comparison to other genealogists. Until recently, I have only been able to work at digging up my family roots in between work, church and spending weekends at the family camp up north here in Minnesota. Check us out at

Since beginning my journey to find loved ones that have come and gone, I have been fortunate in finding “cousins” I never knew existed. Cousins like Cass from Arizona, Kay and Andrea from Texas, Jerry from Ohio, Dawn, Priscilla, and William from my home state of Pennsylvania and last but not least, Andy from Wales! And to think, I may not have ever found them if it wasn’t for and

This blog is not a genealogy website where you will find forums for those searching for surnames and other genealogy tidbits, but a personal blog celebrating family members who’s love and faith in God has helped contribute to who I am, and who’s integrity, hard work, and solid values has made me proud to call each and everyone of them…..MY FAMILY!

My ancestors were among the hundreds of thousands of immigrant families who left their "mother country" in the years between the 1600's and 1900's because of religious persecution, famine, and economic struggles. We came from Wales, Scotland, England, Prussia (now Germany), and Switzerland.

In my family, you will find such names as Rees(e), Griffiths, Spencer, Miller, Evans, Ewig, McDonald, and Heavisides. We may (or may not) have come from royalty, nobility, or even referred to as a celebrity; but then you never know, as I continue to search for "who I am and where I came from."

Through this blog I will be sharing family stories, letters, documents, and family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Thank you for stopping by.